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VW ID.3 SUV, ID.3 quality boost coming – Australian specs confirmed – Dubai Car News

Update: VW boss talks quality at LA auto show

Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schaefer spoke openly at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week. Tell Britain the car Magazine That the business is well aware of media and market feedback on the infotainment experience in some of its latest models.

“We know what we need to do,” Shafer said the car. “We’ve had feedback from customers, we’ve had feedback from clinics and journalists… They say, ‘You know it’s not good. You have to improve it.’

By the end of 2022, models already on the market will see improvements to the infotainment software, Schaeffer said, while the hardware will be updated — including faster processors and physical buttons to replace the shiny single-piece capacitive buttons and The sliders on the steering wheel and dash controls can be changed. – Will come with refreshed and brand new models from next year.

2022 Volkswagen ID3 infotainment


As the car Note, the change can be considered similar to what tech giant Apple has done with its MacBooks, ditching the derisive ‘touch bar’ to revert to physical keys for the function row at the top of the keyboard.

In particular, Schäfer said the most common complaints for its infotainment controls centered on the capacitive slider below the display, which wasn’t illuminated and thus difficult to operate at night. This has also been corrected for MY23 vehicles.

2022 Volkswagen ID3 Steering Wheel 02


Shaffer admitted that the feedback from the market – and possibly even from the group’s senior executives, once they experienced the problem in their company’s pool cars – was so loud that the board was now responsible. Meets monthly with teams to tinker directly. Mockups prepared for their approval.

More user clinics have also been put together. “We use random people. If you ask our own employees all the time, they’ll say it’s great. But they’re biased! You can take people from all walks of life, including all ages. need,” Schäfer said.

This is a candid interview, so be sure Read on in full CarMagazine.co.uk.

Mike Stevens

Update: Australian VW comments on ID.3, ID.4 and ID.Buzz.

Speaking with Wheels Media at a recent drive event in Sydney, communications chief Paul Pottinger and product boss Michelle Rooney touched on the ideas behind the launch schedule for their upcoming new electric models.

Asked about the launch order for its electric model, Mr Pottinger said: “Someone was asking me: ‘Why not launch the ID. [before ID.4], is it cheap?’ It’s like saying a Golf is cheaper than a Tiguan – but everyone wants a Tiguan.

Ms Rooney added: “We want to deliver what our customers really want. [and ID.4] That’s what Volkswagen customers want.”

Now that we know the ID.3 is set for a major quality overhaul (outlined in our original story below), local executives are ready to talk more about the timing of its Australian launch. are

“And, the reason we’ve been waiting for it is because it’s been upgraded a lot. It’s as reinvented as a midlife reinvention can be,” he said.

Ronnie said:[So] We’ll get to that first. It always followed ID.4 and ID.5, so it will come next year, 2024. [the facelift being pulled forwards] That means we’ll get it first.”

The chat also confirmed further that ID.Buzz will be coming to Australia, although not until after ID.3.

2023 Volkswagen ID Biz 8


The story here

October 29: The ID.3 facelift, small electric SUV is coming to overhaul the standard.

“The new 2023 Volkswagen ID.3 is a significant and noticeable leap forward in terms of quality, materials and system stability. [It’s] A car that delivers on the Volkswagen brand promises.


  • The ID.3 facelift hits the market with a major quality boost.
  • ID.3 to get a small electric SUV companion
  • The VW boss intends to re-establish the brand as a benchmark.

As legacy automakers’ rush to introduce new electric models continues apace, Volkswagen’s top brass revealed two key details this week:

An ID.3 electric SUV is in the works, and a major update is coming for the current ID.3 electric hatch.

2022 Volkswagen ID3 VW Press 11


Speaking with UK’s Autocar. On the subject of ID.3 hatchVW Group boss Thomas Schäfer said, “We have listened very carefully to the ID.3 community, and we are bringing forward the new look of our first MEB. [platform] By model 2023.

Schaeffer further elaborated on his expectations for the electric hatch:

“The new Volkswagen ID.3 is a significant and noticeable leap forward in terms of quality, materials and system stability. [It’s] A car that delivers on the Volkswagen brand promises.

In his interview with Auto carSchäfer said the Volkswagen Group he leads has rediscovered a passion for setting standards for the market, “with product substance, superior design, quality and the handling of our cars”.

2022 Volkswagen ID3 VW Press 6


The news follows reports of problems with the ID.3’s infotainment — a bugbear that some suggested led to the departure of previous CEO Herbert Diess.

A major upgrade to the cabin is expected to be the return of physical controls, the result of feedback from a new customer focus board committee, which will “discuss specific customer wishes, and implement them faster”. has been established for

Schaeffer’s launch of the updated ID.3 reveals a new focus the new CEO is bringing to the German brand, particularly on its introductory EV models, ahead of upcoming regulatory deadlines.

2022 Volkswagen ID3 VW Press Interior 2


An electric SUV based on the Volkswagen ID.3 is coming.

While Europe’s 2035 ban on sales of internal combustion engine vehicles is still more than a decade away, VW is accelerating development to produce a variety of electric vehicles.

Having a diverse range of EVs in the dealership will help cater to all the different tastes of the market with a new CEO. ID.3-based crossover vehicle plans revealed as well as.

“[VW is] We are working hard to develop an additional compact SUV based on the ID 3 so that we can also launch a Volkswagen product in this fast growing vehicle segment. Schaefer said.

Archive Which Car 2020 09 24 1 ID 4 019 Main


Volkswagen’s mid-size ID.4 is currently its smallest electric SUV.

Details of the new model are yet to come, but buyers can likely expect to see a model with unique styling but a similar footprint – similar to the relationship between the current Volkswagen Golf hatch and the T-Roc SUV. Is.

It will be an important model for Volkswagen, as the ID.4 is currently the brand’s smallest electric SUV. A smaller Golf-sized SUV would significantly improve and potentially increase sales, given the popularity of the small-SUV segment globally.

The new model, with the updated ID.3 hatch, will be among them. 10 new and updated EVs will be launched in the Volkswagen ID range by 2026.

“From the entry-level e-car with a target price of under €25,000 (AU$39,000) to the Volkswagen ID Buzz and the new flagship Volkswagen ID Aero, we’ll have the right offering in every segment.” Shaffer said Auto car.

When will the ID.3 finally arrive in Australia, and what about this new SUV model?

While the ID.3 has been confirmed for Australia, it’s unlikely to hit our showrooms until 2024.

But, given the popularity of high-riding models in Australia, an SUV version of the ID.3 is likely to be a sure thing for our market.

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