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Avatar: The Path of Water It’s the long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s visually stunning 2009 blockbuster, but the fantasy planet of Pandora will be grounded by a concept car from one of our favorite European automakers.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR first debuted in 2020, but the three-pointed star is bringing it out again to commemorate the second release. Avatar the film. We recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Vision AVTR, where we got an up-close look at both its unusual bodywork and futuristic propulsion system.

If you look closely, the Vision AVTR resembles Mercedes’ current EQ lineup of electric vehicles. The bold grille panel, for example, sports the centrally located Mercedes-Benz star, but includes some unique design touches to help it feel more three-dimensional and sophisticated. The smooth body sides also recall vehicles such as the Mercedes EQS sedan, although the full glass doors offer a unique look to the outside of the car.

Other than that, however, the AVTR is the stuff of a visionary’s dreams. The rear deck features dozens of small scales that retract into the bodywork for maximum aerodynamics when appropriate, but can be tilted forward to provide downforce, rearward for an airbrake effect. , or can be tilted to one side to act as a rudder when cornering. The lights that illuminate the scales work hand-in-hand with the taillights and indicators, leaving no question as to your intentions.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Exterior Front Quarter
Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Exterior Rear Deck
Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Exterior Wheels

Bubble-shaped rolling stock consists of a solid sheath of rubber wrapped around the wheel faces. The wheels themselves have a sleek floral design that interlocks. Avatar The themes of the series are conservation and preservation of the beauty of nature. Moreover, there is four-wheel steering that can steer the AVTR sideways.

As you approach the Vision AVTR, it “comes to life” with a flashing ballet of LED animations and check controls on those rear deck scales, and the entire center console gently moves up and down, As if the car is breathing. Mercedes says this is to illustrate the relationship between operator and machine, similar to the relationship between the Na’vi and their flying banshees. Enter the Vision AVTR and the reclining seats wrap you up a bit, and as you extend your hand toward the center console, a single trackpad rises to meet your palm. Moving it forward and backward has the same effect on the car, predictably.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Interior Joystick

But if you turn the top of the trackpad and move it forward, the car moves backwards, giving you more flexibility on how you want to drive. What’s more, you can combine movements – forward, backward, or a turn with left and right – to provide immense control within tight limits. It feels like the AVTR can make a U-turn as tight as its wheelbase or parallel park in just a few inches of room. It’s a strange experience, but one that’s a lot of fun.

Now, being a concept car, the top speed of the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was limited, and we weren’t allowed to drive it out of a parking lot. But I can safely say that the beautiful show car provided more thrills than ever at 20 mph, and was hilariously looked at by passers-by.

Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Exterior Front Quarter
Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Exterior Rear Quarter

It is unclear whether the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR will actually appear in the film. Avatar: The Path of Water. Whether or not humans are driving around in Benzes in the movie, it’s still great that Mercedes has built a vehicle that backs up its futuristic styling with an equally forward-thinking driving experience. .

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