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Waze launches on Android Automotive…but only for Renaults – Dubai Car News


  • Built-in Wiz is finally coming to Android automotive touchscreens in 2023
  • But limited to only two new Renault models at launch.
  • Shares code with the Android Auto app released in 2017.

Community-based navigation app Waze will finally launch for Android automotive in-car systems in 2023, but it will only be available for the latest Renault models.

Only the all-electric Renault Megane E-Tech (certified for Australia) and the recently launched Austral Crossovers use Android Automotive-powered OpenR Link software in Europe.

This notably excludes new models from Polestar, Volvo and General Motors, which use built-in Google operating systems.

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It’s unclear if this Wiz-Renault alliance means it won’t be available on Android automotive systems in other car brands, since Renault’s OpenR Link is basically a user interface skin on top of Google’s software.

Waze is separate from Google Maps as a crowdsourced navigation platform (also owned by Google) that allows users to report road conditions to other drivers such as mobile speed cameras, objects on the road and any can also alert stopped vehicles, while providing real-time speed limit alerts. Based on GPS.

When it launches next year, European owners can pre-install the Waze app via the Google Play Store or the My Renault mobile app.

Waze Android Auto Renault 2


“As more Waze users join us on in-car platforms and as this type of technology continues to evolve, it’s important that we Give them the best driving experiences.”

“We look forward to bringing this new driving experience to more and more customers around the world in 2023.”

Android Automotive launched globally in 2018 on the Polestar 2 electric liftback that offers built-in Google services such as Maps, Assistant voice control and the Play Store using the vehicle’s embedded SIM card – rather than Android Auto. Rely on a connected Android smartphone to run

Waze Android Auto Renault 1


In 2021, the tech giant announced that app developers could share the same core code between built-in Android Automotive and smartphone-based Android Auto. Waze launched later in 2017.

Ford, Nissan and Honda have also promised to deploy Android automotive infotainment systems.

Although the touchscreen software is based on Android, it is still able to offer Apple CarPlay smartphone projection for iPhone users.

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