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What is wireless Apple CarPlay and how do I get it? – Dubai Car News

IIf you’re part of the Apple architecture, you probably already know about – or even use – Apple’s intuitive CarPlay system, which lets users access Apple apps on their car’s multimedia screen. Allows to mirror the selected group.

Apple CarPlay apps include Apple Maps, Google Maps, alternative mapping service Waze, music streaming service Spotify, WhatsApp, voice-to-text messaging and more.

In most new vehicles, an Apple CarPlay head unit requires the user to plug their phone into a USB port in their car to enable CarPlay apps, but it’s increasingly possible to use Apple CarPlay wirelessly. Can also support

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For those who don’t know. What is Apple CarPlay, and how does it work?

Well… you get in your car, press ‘CarPlay’ on the head unit and it… just works. The system uses a combination of Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth reception to stream to your compatible multimedia system.

BMW was the first car company to offer the service, though it decided to charge end users a subscription fee at the time, but most automakers now have it available on top or top-of-the-line versions of their vehicles.

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If your car is still a few years away from an update, it’s possible to purchase an Apple CarPlay head unit aftermarket to access the service.

Companies like Pioneer offer Apple CarPlay stereos that will offer wireless service.

In case you’re wondering, CarPlay is upwardly compatible with the iPhone 5.

Contributing – Toby Hagan

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