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Winners of the EV Challenge were awarded a prize of ₹ 63 lakh. – Dubai Car News

It’s really interesting when we focus on innovation and are surprised by what we find. Speaking of innovation, iCreate (International Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology), India’s leading innovation-driven startup incubator, yesterday announced the winners of EVangelise ’22, the second edition of India’s largest EV innovation challenge. Is.

EV Challenge Winners

On Technical Assessment and Market Relevance and Implementation Strategies, Gyrodrive Machinery, C Electric Automotive Drives, and Fasmho Energy Systems. Awarded top three positions in TRL>4 categories respectively. Six winners in two categories – TRL>4 and TRL <4 کو بالترتیب INR 10 لاکھ، INR 7.5 لاکھ، اور INR 5 لاکھ کے نقد انعامات ملے، اور INR 3 لاکھ کے چھ تسلی بخش انعامات بھی دیئے گئے۔ TRL>4 with the top three winners also receiving INR 50 lakhs as incubation support, with agreed terms and conditions for each to take their ideas to market. Cancrie, Vijigi Energy, and INTAKT EV Hybrids took the top three positions in the TRL < 4 categories, respectively. EVangelise'22 aims to put India on the global EV innovation map by identifying clean, low-cost, innovative technologies that address key industry issues.

Winners of the EV Challenge were awarded a prize of

The CEO speaks.

Congratulating the winners, Avinash Ponekar, CEO, iCreate said, “After completing two successful editions, EVangelise has become India’s largest and most awaited EV innovation challenge for innovators and startups. The enthusiastic response received for EVangelise’22 from industry leaders such as Dr. Piyush Desai, Co-Founder and Vice President, Turntide Technologies; Mr. Chintan Vishnu, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, Chair Startup 20 Engagement Group; and Mr. Srinivas Kidlegi, GM, Aditya Auto Products & Engineering, highlights the potential of Indian innovators in solving key challenges for the global EV industry. We look forward to partnering with them on their journey at iCreate and India in the EV space. proud to position as an academic superpower. I congratulate the EVangelise ’22 winners and look forward to working together to take their solutions to market.”

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Winners speak.

Commenting on this achievement, Ishan Dhar, CTO of Gyrodrive Machineries and winner of EVangelise’22 said, “We are delighted to be selected as the winner of EVangelise’22. We believe that magnet-free switched reluctance motors Our innovation will be the future of the EV industry. It eliminates the need for rare earth materials that are harmful to the environment and makes India more sustainable as these motors can be produced locally. I am the iCreate team. Heartfelt thanks to those who guided us through the challenge and gave us a platform to showcase our innovations in front of some of the best minds in the industry. EVangelise’22 proved to be a launch pad for aspiring entrepreneurs like us. and we look forward to working closely with the team at iCreate to develop solutions for the EV industry.

Ritesh Nair, CTO, C-Electric Automotive Drives, second place winner at Evangelize 22, said, “We are delighted to have bagged the second position at Evangelize 22. Our innovation on indigenous electric drive components is one of the leading Indian electric vehicle manufacturers. enabling them to customize their motor controllers to their needs while also reducing costs by 40 percent.” EVanglise’22 was instrumental in showcasing it to top industry leaders. is doing and we have already received several orders and are in advanced discussions with some more manufacturers.

EVangelise’22 was held over six months, during which startups and EV innovators from 23 states and UTs came together to address real-life challenges in the EV industry under three themes, vehicle traction, energy storage, and vehicle infrastructure. presented their new solutions under

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