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XPeng G9 2023: Chinese SUV claims “700km” range, 480kW fast charging – Dubai Car News


XPeng claims that it’s luxury electric SUV boasts the fastest charging rate in the world


  • Chinese-made luxury electric SUV
  • DC fast charging 480 kW; Up to 702 km range (CLTC)
  • Only China for now

XPeng has announced its new electric luxury SUV, the 2023 G9. The G9 becomes the fourth model in the Chinese EV manufacturer’s range.

As a company, XPeng is only eight years old. so of the G9 Claimed 480kW peak DC charging speed and 702km range (CLTC) is impressive.

Mean peak charge speed The G9 can add a range of 200 km in just five minutes.… if you’re lucky enough to have access to one of the brand’s 480kW chargers. In the West, the fastest DC fast chargers are around 350kW.

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Xpeng has no plans to bring the cars to Australia, despite the start of its global expansion The G3 small SUV is hitting Norwegian dealerships in January 2021..

At 4.89 meters tall with leather-trimmed interiors, the G9 is offered as a premium kit. Range Rover in its home market, where it costs between CNY309,000-469,900 (AU$66,255-100,705).

Range, charging speed, and power

XPeng sells three configurations of the G9 in China: Standard Range Rear Drive, Long Range Rear Drive and Performance.

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Standard range cars get a single 230kW/430Nm rear-mounted electric motor and a claimed 570km range. The long-range 96.0kWh ‘xPower3.0’ battery extends the range claim to 702km.

The G9’s headline 702km driving range figure is derived from the optimistic CLTC protocol. Generally, CLTC figures are 20-25% higher than WLTP. This gives the G9 a long-range WLTP estimate of 550-600km.

AWD’s twin electric motors boost output. 405kW/717Nm from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds. The range drops to 650 km.

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All G9s are built around an 800V electric platform – ie Porsche’s Taycanthe Hyundai Ioniq 5 And Kia EV6 – Allows a claimed peak DC fast charging speed of 480kW.

The G9 has a lot of driver assistance technology.

XPeng says the G9 has tomorrow. 31 driver assistance sensors to power adaptive cruise control and Lane Trace Assist System. The Driver Assistance Suite is powered by Nvidia Orin hardware.

Voice assistance, 660-litre cargo capacity, a pair of 14.96-inch touchscreens, an 18-speaker Dyne Audio sound system and adaptive air suspension feature on the flagship 650X Launch Edition.

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The G9 will go on sale in China in the third quarter of this year.

XPeng hasn’t confirmed global sales plans, but says the G9 is slated to meet. Euro NCAP five star crash safety Standards and European vehicle certification rules

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