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Zen Mobility’s Variation on “Make in India”. – Dubai Car News

Zen Mobility is an emerging Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) OEM engaged in the design and manufacturing of customized and purpose-built EVs.

Designed in Germany and built in India, Zen Mobility truly looks set to revolutionize modern-day mobility and logistics. This company is the brainchild of Nimat Jain. Zen Mobility was established in 2018 as a spin-off of NTF Group, a leading auto component manufacturer producing engineering plastics and composites for the majority of the auto industry.

So, what interesting “Make in India” thing is Zen Mobility? Let’s find out!

Introduction to pods

Zen Mobility, with a vision to create aspirational designs and engineering innovations in electric vehicles, has announced its first range of mobility solutions including the “Maxi Pod” a multi-purpose 4-wheeler LEV and purpose-built cargo. 3- Includes The Wheeler LEV is called the “Zen Micropod.” The company recently received the ARAI Certificate of Conformity for the Zen Micropod.

The Zen MicroPod and MaxiPod are built with best-in-class design and technology, and keeping in mind the basic Indian needs, enhanced comfort, convenience, better range, and lower cost of ownership. There is only one more thing you need to succeed in India, and the formula for success in the Indian market is complete. Watch. And Zen Mobility promises to cater to this need as well, as they say the style and design of the vehicles will ensure that the vehicles look desirable, naturally creating customer appeal.

Zen Mobility Micropods

Micropod is purpose-built and built to solve long-standing problems for riders and delivery partners in last-mile delivery. It will be unveiled in early 2023. While the Zen MaxiPod will be released in the coming years. The MaxiPod, unlike the MicroPod, is a multi-purpose product. The Micropod, designed in Germany and manufactured in India, will be manufactured in India using locally sourced components promoting the “Make in India” initiative.

Why is this interesting?

Now, what makes Zen Mobility interesting, is that the Zen Micro Pod is powered by Zen’s patented EV Drivetrain technology and is adaptable to a variety of delivery operations. Zen’s vehicle engineering innovation lies in the lightweight structure of the composite chassis, made from a combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber, which increases the specific performance-to-weight ratio (or power-to-weight ratio) and thus provides a smoother ride. Makes sure. Driving experience compared to other EVs or ICEs.

Carbon fiber! Most road cars use steel! Carbon fiber is really special, that’s why it’s only used in sports cars! You can only imagine the performance and strength-to-weight ratio you can achieve by using this material. The Micropod has also undergone several road tests on various parameters including dirt roads, steep slopes, water wading tests and has been certified by ARAI for its drivability, maneuverability, stability and performance.

Official statement

On how Zain Mobility is meeting all the practical requirements, Nimat Jain says – “We have carefully designed and engineered our vehicles to meet the needs of the Indian consumer. People are likely to gravitate towards vehicles that offer better alternatives to solve problems and are aesthetically pleasing to look at as well. Therefore, we have streamlined our efforts to optimize the design process to enable not only easy handling, long range, customizable storage options, low cost of ownership, and a range of in-house technical features. Can go, but also style and design your vehicles. Ambitious that will naturally draw in the customer.”

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